Christmas Gift for Female Baseball Fan

Ballpark Barb baseball sweaters

Baseball Moms will Love It!

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that special female baseball fan? Look no further than a Ballpark Sweater.

Ballpark Sweaters are an original sweater made by an entrepreneurial woman appropriately named BallparkBarb from the Philadelphia area. She was a Team Mom in Little League and followed her baseball playing son and softball playing daughter throughout their careers from Little League to high school Varsity teams. A Ballpark Sweater is made for the avid baseball Team Mom and make a perfect gift for the female baseball fan or female softball fan.

Ballpark Sweaters used to be made by hand knitting and sewing, but they were expensive, often costing in excess of $250. There were many people interested in owning these gorgeous baseball sweaters, but they were just not economically priced. Now, they are still hand-made, but made off-shore where labor costs are considerably less than in the United States.

If you are stumped on what to get your Mom or wife or significant other for Christmas this year, but you know that they love baseball, then they’d love to get a Ballpark Sweater from you. It’s the perfect gift for the female baseball fan.

The slogan for Ballpark Sweaters is “Be The Belle of the Ballpark.” That’s not an exaggeration. When BallparkBarb wears her Ballpark Sweater to a Phillies game or a youth baseball game, the comments are endless. It actually takes us 30 minutes to walk from the parking lot at the Phillies stadium to the seats, because so many people stop and say something about the sweater that has the baseball stitching on it. Of course, she gives out her business cards and many of them order the Ballpark Sweater right there on the spot!

You probably know a female baseball fan who would love a Ballpark Sweater. It may your Mom, your wife, or the Team Mom who organizes your son’s or daughter’s baseball or softball team. This is a perfect gift for the female baseball fan. She won’t be disappointed.

In the picture above is Ballpark Barb — the creator of the Ballpark Sweater.  The picture was taken at Spring Training in Florida.

Mother’s Day: How Ballpark Sweaters Became a Reality

Mother's Day Gift baseball Mom

Mother’s Day Gift for Baseball Mom

I am an avid blogger, publisher of one of the most popular fantasy baseball sites on the web, and an avid baseball fan. I am also a Phillies season ticket holder.

That’s really where Ballpark Sweaters was born–at the Phillies games. When my wife, BallparkBarb, and I would go to the games at Citizen’s Bank Park, she often wore her original baseball sweater that ultimately became the inspiration behind Ballpark Sweaters. Literally, from the time we left our parking spot and got to our seats, BallparkBarb was stopped 10 to 12 times by women who made a comment about the baseball sweater.

I said to Barb: “you really need to start selling those sweaters.” It took her a few years to get serious about it, but she finally found a company that would make the sweaters in bulk and now we have a room full of Ballpark Sweaters for sale to the baseball public that seems to simply adore them.

It was no different when BallparkBarb wore her sweater to a youth baseball or softball game. As both our son and daughter are avid baseball and softball players, she got the same reaction there. Whether it was a high school game or a travel game, both baseball and softball Moms loved the sweaters. Many asked where they could get one.
Hence, a new business was born — Ballpark Sweaters.

Ballpark Sweaters is now the proud sponsor of the fantasy baseball segment of the Spadora on Sports radio show that airs on many ESPN radio and sports talk radio stations around the country. The star (and that is admittedly a major stretch that even Freddie Freeman would be proud of) of the radio show is BallparkBob. The radio show can be heard in major markets such as Boston and around the country; check your local sports talk radio web site for details of when and where it plays in your market.

Ballpark Sweaters is geared to targeting the female baseball and softball fans. A Ballpark Sweater is a great gift for a Team Mom who spends a lot of her time organizing hotels and meals for your travel baseball or travel softball team. It’s also a great Mother’s Day present for the best Mom a baseball or softball player could have.

Last night at the Phillies game, Ryan Howard presented his Mom with a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day. I’m sure Mrs. Howard would have rather had a Ballpark Sweater–the best Mother’s Day gift for a baseball Mom. Later in the game, the Phillie Phanatic gave his Mom another bouquet of flowers and I thought…
we probably don’t have one in her size.